About Us

UE High-quality Valvetronic Exhaust Series 2.5"-3.5".
We originate from a long queue of car lovers and we are admirers of everything mechanical.

Experience is our most noteworthy fortune

The greater part of our things formed by our accomplished pros and conveyed by capable professionals with various extensive stretches of particular establishment in gathering UE systems. From plan to creation, we play it safe to guarantee each progression meets our strict criteria for ideal quality and performance.

Welding Technology - Handcrafted TIG welding.

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, frequently abbreviated to TIG welding, is a welding procedure that, using tungsten terminals to create the weld. The weld regions are shielded from climatic tainting by an idle protecting gas (Argon or helium) A steady current welding power supply creates a circular segment to liquefy the question and filler metal through a section of exceptionally ionized gas and metal vapors. Despite the fact that gases required for TIG welding is detectably more costly than other welding strategies, (for example, protected metal curve welding, submerged circular segment welding, and CO2 welding), however Argon can adequately shield the encompassing air to forestall tainting, while at the same time being insoluble and having no response with metals. TIG welding likewise consequently takes out the oxide films present on the surfaces of the welding joints. Subtle elements and completes on the items can be shielded from the ruinous impacts of the environment to the softened metal. A cautious review of our welding can demonstrate the ability, experience, devotion and unbelievable contacts perform by our welding aces. Not exclusively will it fulfill according to Car Enthusiast everywhere throughout the world, and furthermore setting another standard for fumes framework quality and performance.

Plan VS. Designing

All UE products are made under a strict and institutionalized advancement process. The primary advancement step is a carefully assembled model, which goes through a progression of by and large testing. Exactly when the model meets our necessities, we shape our molds in like way.

In the second improvement step, we utilize our standard materials and play out another number of testing with a specific end goal to guarantee flawlessness to the smallest points of interest.

Each UE product that leaves our factory has experienced a similar advancement methodology – handmade with the same exactness and enthusiasm.

Many years of development and in the background interest in all parts of the realm has guided us to a serious valuation for the most perfectly awesome craftsmanship, quality, plan, welding, and assembling. 

First class Machinery highlighting mechanical computerization is only a little piece of what makes us digging in for the long haul. Advancing every day to bring the most powerful blend of value, outline, and fitment to every single one of our customers.

We are all around grandness – We are UrbanExhaust